Now, without a Facebook profile, you can not create a messenger account #Aticle

Now, without a Facebook profile, you can not create a messenger account #Aticle

Last week, Facebook removed the option to create a Facebook profile-free Messenger account.
According to a facebook speaker, Facebook noticed the majority of the people using messenger through their Facebook profiles and thus decided to simplify the process.

Introduced in 2015, this service allowed users to use Facebook Messenger in places where Facebook is not available due to limitations on the network or government orders. Yet since Facebook claims most of the people use Messenger for their Facebook accounts, this option does not make a huge difference.

Nonetheless, there remains a question: why can we eliminate it when the alternative can push even the smallest number of users to Facebook? This will allow users to quickly connect with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp via their integrated messaging system. It could be helpful to Facebook because the site has increased messaging activity over the years.

And if regulators decide in the future that the organization should be separated by competition, Facebook may argue that a disintegration would not be feasible by merging its back-end processes, changing regulators and taking another step.

We might see a small shift in the removal of registration for Messenger without a Facebook profile, but if you see the larger image, it contributes to message convergence and helps Facebook improve its resources.

A Facebook spokesman clarified that "the vast majority of people who already use Messenger sign in via Facebook," and the reason for that move was to "simplify the process." However, we are all familiar with this fact, which is no simplification for everyone but those with a Facebook profile.

But now, though many of us enjoyed our Turkey, the feature has been removed from Facebook (or something you did over the last week or so). You will be asked to register for Messenger on 26th December with an active Facebook profile. Nevertheless, you can still use messaging credentials from your disabled Facebook profile.

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