Instagram Growth Down According to One Report #Article

Instagram Growth Down According to One Report #Article

As reported by eMarketer, Instagram's growth fell to a single digit at the beginning of this year, with older users not coming to the app as anticipated.

According to eMarketer: "In 2019, Instagram's U.S. user growth rate will drop to 6.7 percent for the first time, down from 10.1 percent in 2018. Beginning in 2020 and ending our forecast period in 2023, we estimate that the social media site will develop slower than expected." And while this is not a major problem because Instagram has about a billion active users a month who are expected to develop.

Yet has Instagram's growth ever slowed, even with all of those forecasts?

Furthermore, eMarketer said Snapchat and TikTok could have a tough time for the social media platform.

"Although older users do not grow as quickly, larger-than-expected increases have been reported in US users aged 25 to 34, at 11.4 percent. However, we do not anticipate that this demographic would shift significantly in the coming years, as increased competition from a revival of Snapchat and the rise of TikTok do make it more difficult for Instagram to sustain a high growth."

EMarketer also said that while Instagram could gain a great deal of money through advertising and the launch of e-commerce options, it could lose its glow with youth-oriented apps that in the future with their attractive features.

Facebook's expectations to younger users have diminished, as have significant numbers of older people coming on board. Although Instagram might not see much progress, it can sustain its interaction rate, which is great for branding and marketing purposes.

Since the official websites don't have any news about this, we can not make this definitive. But as it has been noted that Instagram has been quiet about its use for quite a while now, we can presume that the above figures may be a reason for this.

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