Five Facts: Vampires and their Alluring History #infographic

Five Facts: Vampires and their Alluring History #infographic

The vampire legend has been alive and well for decades. Secretly Edward sparkled his way into Bella's heart during Twilight long before. Vampires were a topic of interest in medieval mythology and literature in today's pop culture. We are among the greatest creatures ever seen in movies and gothic tales. Not only are we thinking about their behaviour, but their body temperature is equal to a cadaver in cold storage. Lots of suspense, as a villain?

You could keep them alive for the night with Halloween right around the corner. Scroll through our vast collection of Halloween vampire costumes to find your dream Transylvania style to make Count Dracula look like an amateur.

In the spirit of the year's ghoulish season, we have put together an amazing list of fun-facts that make up these nocturnal creatures. So, as you read along, put a necklace loaded with garlic around your neck; certainly you'll need it.

Five Facts: Vampires and their Alluring History #infographic

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