Facebook Redesigns Its Layout for Desktop #Article

Facebook Redesigns Its Layout for Desktop #Article

Facebook recently announced that its web interface has been modified, and some users have already begun to see it. The new interface has a more streamlined view, and there are tabs at the top of the page.

Facebook unveiled the latest app back in May 2019 and it's surprising to have taken so long to make it available. Yet Facebook gradually gave access to the new interface to some people and concentrated on the feedback they received for a better layout.

Once Facebook has made the latest interface available to you, you will be informed of the new features in your newsfeed, where you will be encouraged to explore by the user.

At this point you can't request entry, because it is available only to a limited number of users. According to Facebook, it'll extend the app to a wide scale by April. This will be almost a year after the update was posted on Facebook.

Facebook hasn't added any tools or improvements to the upcoming interface, but it has enhanced desktop navigation because it was Facebook's goal to make the desktop version identical to its mobile version while making it easier for users to move between the two.

It is something customers will look forward to this year, it is supposed to be completely released in the first half of 2020, but we can't be sure of the past delays.

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