Facebook Introduces New ' History Page Management ' Tab to Pay Tools #Article

Facebook Introduces New ' History Page Management ' Tab to Pay Tools #Article

Facebook has added a new tab to its Page settings, which includes information on any behavior taken by page administrators, including page location assignments, contact information and more.

According to social media expert Matt Navarra, the new tab will reveal changes made to the following:

        > Page Functions

Any changes, removals or modifications to permissions

         > Account Parameters-

-Limitations on age or country, account name / username, and contact information.

        > Manager of Company Relationships

– Whether a new manager takes control or the manager blocks access

        > Business manager invites to access the Site 

–I Invites are approved or denied

        > Confirmed Pages Owner

 –If any changes or adjustments are made to

         > Group Relationships 

–If a group is formed, joined or left

As per Facebook: "Your page management history shows what management actions were taken when they were taken and who took them. The history of page management can only be viewed by people who help manage your account." You can access the new tab in options from the left side from your account settings, now you can enter the 'Project management history feature.'

Pages have always allowed people to track who publishes content on their site via the Activity Log, but with this new feature site administrators will see other administrators make adjustments. That would be useful for people who want to understand some changes better or keep a closer eye on them.

The new tab will be made available to all Sites soon, so if you don't see it yet, you'll get it early.

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