Allow AI To Manage Your Online Reputation #infographic

Allow AI To Manage Your Online Reputation #infographic

Remember the golden rule of entrepreneurship: the customer is always right, even to monitor the company's strategy. Your product's online credibility can be a defining marketing factor and users are the driving force behind online reviews. To highlight, 94 per cent of customers regularly check online reviews while making a purchase. As a result, maintaining a respectable online ranking is hard to aspire to; however, AI can be a valuable tool in resolving this fiasco.

Consumers tend to invest in high-quality goods, and marketplace represents that. For instance, in 2018 Amazon opened a store in SoHo, NY offering only 4 + stars quality consumer goods. Such top-sellers are high-rated products as well as new ones or trends. Overall, Amazon's SoHo location has earned 1.8 million 5-star reviews, and reports have found that 90 percent of Amazon's clientele won't buy items with a rating of under 3 stars.

There are countless reasons why a good reputation is critical as credibility contributes to a brand's overall market value of 25 per cent. A lack of time leads to half of the reason companies don't maintain their own image online, and a lack of technology is another leading factor. Artificial intelligence is a tool that can be used in cases where companies are unable to control their online status, as the following infographic offers more detail on this.

Allow AI To Manage Your Online Reputation #infographic

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