Top Workout Music on Spotify #Infographic

Top Workout Music on Spotify #Infographic

Spotify is the largest streaming music service in the world. Dance Monkey, Tones and I, has been released more than 40 million times the most successful album of the year. It explains how Spotify affects the setting of trends in popular music and the amount of data it has on listeners 'tastes and preferences.

Spotify collects a lot of user data and in this year's update you can discover your own music story, including your most popular musicians and favorite genres. You will be able to use this service with a new experience.

Spotify is also renowned for its various playlists, which highlight the upcoming indie hits of the 40 biggest artists each year. It's a big deal for many new artists to feature on one of the popular playlists, but mostly existing artists in the genre dominate them.

Spotify released an infographic on the most popular fitness music in the world, including songs covering ages and genders. The list is not surprising, but provides an overview on the various age groups 'hearing habits in the app.

Top Workout Music on Spotify #Infographic

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