50 Years of San Diego Comic-Con #infographic

50 Years of San Diego Comic-Con #infographic

In 1970, some 145 young people met at the US Grant Hotel in San Diego to express their love for comic books. Today, 50 years later, more than 130,000 fans meet annually in downtown San Diego for Comic Con: International, a massive nerdy gathering which has become a linchpin of pop culture.

As the birthplace of franchises like Hellboy and widely popular advertising spaces for everything from Star Wars to the Avengers to The Lord of the Rings to Twilight, Comic Con brings together cosplayers, comic readers and fans of all kinds to attend panels, get celebrity autographs and celebrate their favorite fandom.

Now, as in 2010 when the real-life Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were attending a table, celebrities are frequenting it. And it was not always a spot for Celebrities to show their colours. In some twenty years, the tiny incident stayed below 10,000. How far the little con has come and how many great things it brings to the world, is nuts!

50 Years of San Diego Comic-Con #infographic

infographic by: www.highrises.com

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