15 home improvement hacks for inspiration and motivation #Article

Looking for fast and smart ways of upgrading or addressing storage issues in your home? For inspiration and encouragement, we bring you our top 15 home improvement hacks.

1. Too many pairs take the base of your wardrobe?

 Shoe organizer for shop In your hallway using coat hooks, just for your shoes. Mount the most widely used pairs down and keep them handy. Hang your shoe organizers on your door to keep your rest tidy and clean.

 15 home improvement hacks for inspiration and motivation #Article

2. Using a wide mirror to fool your eye, 

it's not like you need to miss a small room. Use mirrors to create a larger room's illusion.

3. When looking to build a design in your home, 

dress your windows so that Windows is quick and simple. Develop luxuries, shutters and shutters, remember to allow light but to establish confidentiality.

Think about the outside as well; will your home benefit from an evergreen or seasonal flowering window?

4. Updating small things can actually lift a room. 

Adjust knobs on drawers and cupboards With antique containers, including ceramic, glass and wood, an older piece of furniture can be transformed instantly.

5. Effectively using your stairs to store 

Staircases will take a lot of space but you can't take advantage of that. Build a coating and reveal cubby under stairs, or even a reading hideaway.

6. Turn your shed into a convenience room 

Does your house make your family a little small? To build another area, use the garden space. It's a fast and easy way to create more rooms, if you want to have an outside office or playroom for children.

7. Using walnuts to remove scratches from wooden furniture 

A clever hack to refresh your furniture. To erase stains and bruises, using the walnut's inner cells. Natural oils enter the forest and heal defects.

8. Classes will sometimes take needless space, 

so why not set solid racks to the top of your wall. Cupboards and bookcases can be also needless. You can store books without using floor space.

9. Using drawer organizers 

Add divisors and organizers to divide your things, instead of mixing it with a drawer. You're going to find space saving and time saving because your things are easy to find.

10. Turn your lodge into a guest room 

Not so much a hack, but a dream, it's the ideal way to build space in your house without moving. The addition of an additional bedroom or chill out area may boost your home's cost.

11. Using felt pads on the legs of your furniture to avoid scratching.

Use felt pads on the foot of your chairs or tables to prevent unnecessary damage in order to preserve the life of both your floors and your furniture.

12. Paint your door sides to instantly lift your doors 

On a tight budget with decor? By painting the edge of your screen, add a pop of color to any room. Instead of a complete pot, you can also buy a paint tester.

13. To build height Half paint walls, 

save money by painting just half of your walls. The illusion of height is produced as well; ideal for those smaller spaces. Hold the colors closer to the bottom and match with the ceiling using a magnolia or a white.

14. Add towel rails to your front door. 

Install towel rails at the back of your door, if you're having trouble with space in the bedroom or want to keep damp towels out of the way. Instead of fitting a heated towel rail this is much more cost effective, saving space for hanging and dry towels.

15. Get your double glazing to a better view. 

The best hack for indoor and outdoor improvements is to have a clear view. If you have failed double-glassing, either in a stand-alone window, a double-glass door or conservatory that ruins your home improvement objectives, then contact your local Cloudy2Clear branch for a free quote.

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