10 Interesting Facts About the Filipino Language #infographic

10 Interesting Facts About the Filipino Language #infographic

There are two official languages to the Philippines, Filipino and English. Firstly, Filipino is the Philippines' national language. A Philippine citizen is often referred to as a resident of the Philippines, although some people use the local language name of the country, the word Pilipino from Pilipinas. At the other hand, ethnologists recognize Tagalog as one of the Philippines' major languages alongside Filipino and English.

The Philippines is a diverse country, with many ethnic communities and immigrants. At the moment 183 languages and dialects are being spoken in the country. In 2019, Filipino speaks 45 million of the Philippines' total population of 108.2 million.

The history of the Filipino language development is a complicated one. It is officially the standard version of Tagalog, the language mostly spoken in Luzon, the Philippines' main island. The majority of Philippine people are bilingual and multilingual.

To understand the development of Filipino as a language, it's important to know its roots. Tagalog is partly responsible for Filipino's growth, but it's important to note that there are many main places where the two languages are different.

10 Interesting Facts About the Filipino Language #infographic

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