The Ultimate Houseplant Cheat Sheet #infographic

The Ultimate Houseplant Cheat Sheet #infographic

We love to see plants disinfect our air out in the open while our natural oxygen is preserved. We are, however, much less worried with the air we breathe in our houses. This infographic on Capital Garden Resources guides you through how you can use houseplants to clean up the environment inside your home.

Indoor air quality can have a negative impact on your wellbeing so having a couple of houseplants in your house is always worth it. Don't think about the plants being cared for because many of the plants featured don't require much rain or even sunshine.

A snake plant, for example, is a perfect addition to any room, and only requires water once or twice a month, and minimal direct sunlight. We spend so much time in our houses, that maintaining the air quality at a reasonable standard is still a smart idea.

The Ultimate Houseplant Cheat Sheet #infographic

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