The Top 10 Cancers in the USA #infographic

The Top 10 Cancers in the USA #infographic

Cardiovascular disease is the number one death-causer in the world. However, cancer also spreads rapidly-especially in high-income countries. Researchers, in addition, say cancer kills twice as many people in developing countries. We also expect the disorder to quickly surpass cardiovascular diseases and become the leading cause of death within a few decades.

In this regard, an Infographic has been published by the American Cancer Society, where they identified the top forms of cancer in the United States. According to their findings, breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men counted the most cancer diagnoses in America. Lung cancer is also prevalent among 12.3 percent females and 13 percent males in the United States. Both sexes also have a greater risk of developing colorectal or bowel cancer.

The research also looked at the latest findings in 2020 and found women becoming more affected than men by the disease. As of this writing in 2020 the number of women diagnosed with cancer was 912, 930 while the figure for their male counterparts was 893,660.

The Top 10 Cancers in the USA #infographic

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