Such toxic experiments include people with low emotional intelligence #Article

Such toxic experiments include people with low emotional intelligence #Article

In order to establish and maintain ties between people, emotional intelligence is essential, but not everyone.

Do you have a co- who doesn't stop listening and talking to other people? Or do you know someone who forgets the names of people constantly? It may be a sign of low awareness, because people sometimes don't even have to utter a word to show that they have poor emotional intelligence.

People who do not do this deliberately may not realize that exercise in their mental muscles is important. Some typical behaviors which tend to affect low emotional intelligence people are present here:

1. We say that people 

with no emotional intelligence will often imagine that other people think the way they are. For example, you expect or believe that other people will also take an attitude towards a political issue. And maybe the best way to respond is in fact what you think in a situation.

2. Often they see that 

The Worst in People is founded on incorrect knowledge for their decisions. Often, without knowing it, they will presume what a person is like. This also leads to people's disagreements and a loss of trust.

3. Each conversation is about them. 

Emotionally unsmart people will direct any conversation to themselves. Therefore, instead of giving a 'support response' such as 'Tell me More,' you are asking them if something like "something like that once happened to me," and they are thinking about something that they are asking themselves to pass their full conversation.

4. They think more than they hear

 people thinking about feelings more than they usually listen to. When you have more mental energy, you have the freedom to relax and push yourself when you feel too much.

5. These are multifunctional, 

while multiple tasks are nice and sometimes a must. Nonetheless, emotionally unintelligent people tend to interact with people when communicating. You will still find them on your screen, or focus somewhere when you talk to you instead.

This not only means that the person doesn't have an interest in what the other person says, but it also means he doesn't care.

6. Though the names 

can easily be forgotten, unintelligent emotions make a pure effort to recall. We forget their names. One of the first steps to building a relationship is to recognize an person and people with low emotional intelligence are lacking in this dimension.

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