New study reveals the 25 most popular unicorn startups #infographic

New study reveals the 25 most popular unicorn startups #infographic

Unicorn companies are a modern trend within the corporate world. Aileen Lee, the venture capitalist, has listed Unicorn companies as start-up companies that are a privately held start-up company with a market valuation of over $1 billion. These companies are so uncommon in the world, hence the word "unicorns." Currently there are just over 400 unicorn companies across the globe with 178 of those firms based in the US. Think you're all the trendy startups worth more than $1bn now?

Talk it over again! You have already heard of several companies in Unicorn. Enterprises like Uber, Twitter, Reddit & Airbnb. Some companies are much less well known, including Robinhood, Roblox, Ibotta.

The McGuffin Creative Company recently surveyed 4,000 clients seeking to find out which unicorn companies customers are most familiar with and which ones fly under the radar. The aim of this survey was to investigate the relationship between the value and brand awareness of those companies. For this analysis the data mainly looks at US-based business-to-consumer companies.

The analysis of them by McGuffin Creative Community is broken down into three distinct parts. The first chapter addresses the 25 best-known unicorns which have been measured by customer awareness rates. The second segment tests the value of a brand private valuation aggregate market recognition vs. The third and final part of the study looks at the fastest growing unicorn firms. Development is measured by the added value per day in this exercise, when a company has entered the unicorn list.

Let's have a look at their latest analysis of what they find.

The most well-known unicorn brands 

Below is a complete list of the most famous unicorn brands:

  1. Reddit (Reddit scored 86% in terms of consumer awareness, essentially asking if respondents were aware of this brand) 
  2. Airbnb (Airbnb also scored 86% in consumer awareness levels)
  3. Buzzfeed (Buzzfeed scored 73% in consumer awareness levels) 
  4. Credit Karma (71%) 
  5. DoorDash (70%) 
  6. Grammarly (58%) 
  7. Ibotta (58%) 
  8. Quora (54%)
  9. Roblox (31 per cent) 
  10. Squarespace (31 per cent) 
  11. OfferUp (33 per cent).
  12. GoodRx (31%) 
  13. Square (31%) 
  14. Square (30%) 
  15. Nextdoor (30%) 
  16. Niantic (27%) 
  17. Vox Media (27%) 
  18. Discord (31%)

The list certainly provided some well-known brands and a few surprises for most consumers.

New study reveals the 25 most popular unicorn startups #infographic

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