Most Used Apps of 2019 Worldwide #infographic

 Most Used Apps of 2019 Worldwide #infographic

Ios are the Millennium Best Mate. Since technology taking over our lives much more every day, apps are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives and many people are dependent on apps to remind them of their appointments, help them do homework, provide health updates and connect, engage and socialize with others as well.

Apps are also an easy way to buy items online, and a perfect way to shop in the comfort of your home. If you can dream of it there is an app to it. And the appetite for apps is just a indication of how useful they are, and how helpful they can be in daily life continues to be.

With over a billion users using the internet worldwide, and hundreds of millions of phones, tablets, and computers sold around the world, apps have a large, far-reaching audience and impact. WhatsApp Messenger is arguably the world's most commonly used app and most people can't imagine living without it.

 Most Used Apps of 2019 Worldwide #infographic

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