Make Your Own Bug Repellent #infographic

Make Your Own Bug Repellent #infographic

At some point in our lives we're all plagued with different kinds of bugs in our homes. No matter what type they are, bugs can be annoying, since they cause damage and allergies. Getting rid of bugs is not an easy task; using bug fix chemicals can pose a health risk, so that people will find natural bug fixes to get rid of them.  The use of natural bug fixes will keep the bugs and insects away, and you can be healthy without the use of toxic pesticides. Here are eight easy ways to get rid of those tiny unwanted creatures from your homes.

One natural ant bug fixer is peppermint bug spray. The process by which this spray is made is to fill the spray bottle halfway with water, add 1⁄2 cup of witch hazel, add 10 drops of fresh peppermint oil. Upon applying all the solutions, shaking up the solutions, and spraying around ant entry points, ants can go away with a peppermint scent and dissuade entry.

Diatomaceous earth can be used to make bed bugs. To make this cure for bed bugs, you must buy the bag from any home goods store, sprinkle DE into any cracks and crevices which include window sills, drawers, and dashboards. Puff up the DE to use it as an applicator behind the electrical outlets. This means the residue will dry up and kill the bed bugs.

3.     Cockroaches are the hardest to kill pest for. Soapy water is the best cure for cockroaches that fill the spray bottle with water 3⁄4 in half, squeeze some drops of dish soap, shake the bottle to froth water, and spray on cockroaches and around everywhere you see them. These are killed when the soap films the skin, and the roaches suffocate.

One can get rid of boxelder bugs. Chrysanthemum spray is a natural remedy to kill people like these. If you smash or grind the dried blooms into a powder for two days, mix several pinches in a spray bottle with water and directly spray on bugs and on infested areas, you need to pick 10 full blooms and dryif. Included is an insect nerve toxin called pyrethrum that helps you to get rid of them quickly.

The most abominable in the pantry are the larvae. Buying dried lavender and bay leaves, placing several stems of each in a small mesh tub, then adding a few spoons of uncooked rice for weight, is the best way to get rid of herb sachets You can tie the bag with a strand of ribbon, and place it in every cupboard. You can remove it any six months. The moths are dying from the scent of lavender and bay leaves; they will dissuade the moths from laying eggs.

Apple cider vinegar can be used to kill fruit flies. You can make it by filling a small bowl with two cups of apple cider vinegar, then fill it with a small dish of water and three drops of platter soap. Float the plate into the tub of vinegar, and place the infestation near the fruit fly to attract and kill the flies. Every few days empty the trap and refill the ingredients, the apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit flies and they get stuck on the soap.

The eucalyptus bug spray is used for the dust mites. It would be safer if you were to fill the spray bottle with 3⁄4 of water, then add three drops of dish soap. After application, add 30 drops of simple distilled eucalyptus oil, and shake the mixture. Spray it on the bed every day, and the affected furniture.  It's like a sight to see. The eucalyptus oil kills the mites and prevents their resistance and causes waste.

Black flies are always annoying and can get rid of traps to sugar bottles. The top-third of a plastic bottle needs to be cut to make it. And cut a small hole inside the hat. The bottom of the tub is filled with a mixture of one cup of water and three tbsp of sugar. The top half is flip so the cap faces down to create a funnel that is covered by tape in the bottom half. This works when the flies in the pit are attracted by the sugar, so they can not escape from the narrow opening.

Make Your Own Bug Repellent #infographic

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