Is Your Enterprise Ready For Artificial Intelligence? #infographic

 Is Your Enterprise Ready For Artificial Intelligence? #infographic

Enterprise AI is useful across rising industries, with most seeing artificial intelligence as essential to their success. Along with this, almost 1 in 3 business leaders believe that out of all innovations, AI will have the biggest impact on their company within the next year. Already, 84 per cent of global business leaders agree that AI gives them a competitive edge.

AI use is nearly universal, improving productivity & waste management, adapting to ever-changing markets, reducing energy costs and meeting increasing demands. Is AI good for your company? 70 per cent of banking, insurance and telecommunications companies find AI to be key to their success. Similarly, the same applies to 65 per cent of telecommunications, retail and wholeshare businesses. Less frequently but still the majority, 55 percent of the education and manufacturing sectors use AI as a prerequisite for success.

"You have to consider what you really need to automate, and how it will help you," said Lee Blackstone, Blackstone+Cullen's founder. Read on to find out more about Enterprise AI.

 Is Your Enterprise Ready For Artificial Intelligence? #infographic

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