How To Wear Your Perfume #Infographic

How To Wear Your Perfume #Infographic

A good perfume could make, or break, your outfit. It may not seem like the most obvious part of an outfit but it will not only make you feel good with a good perfume, it will also leave a great impression on others.

Perfumes can be pricey so make sure you use them in the right way and the right amount so you don't get frustrated. This excellent infographic offers some basic tips to remember when applying perfume. The tips include where to wear, how often to reapply and what form of wear.

A strong perfume doesn't have to be reapplied very often even if it isn't smellable any longer. It is important to know your perfume to make the best possible use of it.

Perfumes can boost the whole look of an outfit and using those tips will win you some serious points wherever you go. When someone makes an effort, people notice that they trust us!

How To Wear Your Perfume #Infographic

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