Healing From Fragrances #infographic

 Healing From Fragrances #infographic

Over the years, aromatherapy has used herb fragrances. The fragrance scents are scientifically proven to enhance our wellbeing as they are a hundred per cent natural and pure. These aromatic compounds derived from plants are mixed with an oil carrier, and are classified as essential oils. The essential oils used display improvement in emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Many people also use these scents to ease their minds and bodies, because they act like a drug for relaxation and depression.You can apply it to your diffuser to make the most of essential oils, add a few drops in your tea in your body spray, add it to your favorite balm or put a few drops in your fancy candle.

Lavender oil is the best essential oil for sleep and insomnia; it also lowers heart rate and soothes both body and mind. It most notably relieves fear. Also, Bergamot is an essential oil that falls within the range of insomnia and sleep; it lowers cortisol levels and helps you unwind. To improve our mood, we can use bergamot. Vanilla is the third essential oil used for sleep and insomnia; it has a calming effect and relieves anxiety. That oil is the ultimate therapy to relax. Vanilla acts like a drug to lighten hyperactivity.

The essential orange oil comes under the umbrella of anxiety and depression, and helps alleviate the women's common PSTD and labor anxiety. Relevant oil enhances focus or attention.

 Lemon is the other essential oil that undergoes depression and anxiety; it battles psychological stress. Using that essential oil will improve your mood. Lemongrass is the second last essential oil to fall under the umbrella of anxiety and depression; it reduces stress and concern. It can help you stay alert because using this oil increases alertness. Chamomile essential oil is the last one under the umbrella of anxiety and depression; it improves the symptoms of generalized anxiety.

Eucalyptus is an essential oil which falls within the category of respiratory and blood pressure; it reduces inflammation and clears the sinuses. The oil also helps to soothe inflammation. The second and last essential oil falling under the category of respiratory and blood pressure is clary sage; it reduces blood pressure and breathing rates. This oil works like a medicine to people who have Alzheimer's, because it enhances memory.

Under the headaches and pain category one of the essential oil is camphor. This soothes tension headaches and is also used as a topical pain relief. Menthol essential oil often falls under the umbrella of headaches and pain, and avoids migraine and headache symptoms. You may use the as a nausea treatment. Rosemary is the last essential oil that comes within that group. This relieves muscle pain, rheumatism, and arthritis, the person who complains about constipation by this essential oil helps with digestion.

Identified as nausea and stomach pain, basic peppermint oil reduces morning sickness and relieves headaches. The simple ginger oil falling into the category of nausea and pain in the stomach, calms nausea and vomiting. We are using that essential oil as an antiseptic. Mandarin is the last essential oil to come under the umbrella of issues with nausea and vomiting; it relieves stomach discomfort and helps with restlessness.

Therefore, if someone wishes to alleviate symptoms that on different days are uncomfortable, they should try essential oils before going for treatment. This will not only demonstrate drastic improvement, but will also save themselves from drug side effects.

 Healing From Fragrances #infographic

infographic by: www.fragrancex.com

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