Google Maps Uses Everyone Should Know #Article

Google Maps Uses Everyone Should Know #Article

Google Maps was a gift to many. The application has a lot to do to find out how much time it takes to locate restaurants and places in the area. 14 years have passed since the app was released and it has definitely come a long way.

You may not have seen all these features in Google maps app, but here we have all covered them. The following can be done through the application:

  1. Through the "Commute" tab, show your route info.
  2. Put a stop on your ride.
  3. To obtain more details, change the date.
  4. Make your favorites a list.
  5. Check Suggestions from Google.
  6. You can go to incognito mode if you don't want to save your Google history location.
  7. Beware if your car is packed.
  8. Services question without eliminating the application.
  9. Look somewhere on a map you were.
  10. Use an Uber or some other tours in your area.
  11. Say your location to a relative.
  12. You will not have internet access to download maps for times.
  13. The parking area check conditions.
  14. Check if you're packing up a restaurant.
  15. Put a pin to the place where you are and show mates.
  16. Usage of enhanced re
You now know that Google Maps can do much more than just offer directions if you have not heard about all these options in the app. Now find out everything! Find it out.

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