Facebook to Provide $2 Million for Misinformation and Polarization Research #Article

 Facebook to Provide $2 Million for Misinformation and Polarization Research #Article

With the advent of US presidential elections, Facebook has already begun updating revised election security guidelines. The social media company revealed last week that it would provide support for research on one of the major issues during the presidency, namely misinformation.

Facebook will make around $2 million available for research into false information and misinformation, and how it is distributed across social media networks.

Facebook states:

 "We will spend a total of $2000,000 to finance research projects to enhance our awareness of disinformation, inequality, content awareness and social media and social networking disputes. We aim to encourage science development in these areas and contribute to mutual understanding across the globe.

It is important to remember that Facebook said it does not reveal any data and any information it uses will be in compliance with the terms and conditions of the platform.

The effects of disinformation online during elections are little unclear. Though with the growth of social media, political polarization has increased, the full case and impact remain unclear. It is particularly difficult to find, as the link between what an person is looking at and reacting online is not apparent. But we know that people are freely expressing their views online, as there are growing numbers of people using social media for news.

Understanding its reach and impact is important for more disinformation analysis, so that it is easier to grasp how it is treated.

It will be the outcome of the latest campaign, along with funding from Facebook.

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