Do we still need a digital camera? #infographic

Do we still need a digital camera? #infographic

The best of us have ever tried to invest in the best camera form. Through Polaroids to Virtual, we tried to play with them all, before technology put tactile smartphones in pockets.

The first smartphone was launched in 2007. The camera industry was booming before that. In 2008 about 120 million digital cameras were actually produced by the CIPA Group, one of the world's most famous camera manufacturers. They were not at all worried by the competition bought by mobile telephones and worked hard to build revolutionary cameras that met rising market demand.

During her youth, however, the camera built into the phone was not as advanced. And social networks including Twitter, Snapchat and other media were clearly not even intended to exchange photos.

But today–12 years later, the digital camera industry is slowly coming to an end. The smartphone launched today has the latest lenses and sensors to have the best picture of quality. Perhaps they are not as superior as digital cameras like DSLR, but they are still easy to keep in our own hands and more common due to the affordable price.

Please test the following infographic. During 2019, CITA supplied just 15.2 million units, which is the lowest since 2001. In the basis of those figures, we would expect the digital camera industry to absolutely diminish for individual users within a few years.

Do we still need a digital camera? #infographic

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