Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck? #infographic

Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck? #infographic

A deck construction is a big expense and has a decent return on it. We are hunting for open living spaces, which will give you a negotiating advantage should you ever decide to sell your home. A deck extension would make the outdoor living room more accessible, offering a place for family and friends to spend time with. For most cases a roof-building permit is required.

Building codes and laws will differ somewhat from city to city, but you'll also have to get a construction project permit. Of example, decks over 2 feet above ground will require a building permit. The first thing you can do is contact the local authority before recruiting deck builders or attempting to figure out what's expected at a DIY deck-building weekend.

Unless you don't have a deck permit you might get into some trouble down the line. For some states you might get dinged with a fee. The results may be on taking down the deck and constructing a new one. If you hire a deck designer, so they don't have a permit, there's no way to say if they're compliant with building code.

The building code serves to ensure the buildings are built in a decent and secure way. If you've done it on your own or a contracted firm, constructing outside code regulations could damage your roof. Without a permit there is no certainty that the job is satisfactory, or that the deck is clean. Someone could cause extreme injuries. For certain cases, because he acts without a licence, a builder can be penalised.

Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck? #infographic

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