Digital Spending by Presidential Candidates 2020 #infographic

Digital Spending by Presidential Candidates 2020 #infographic

In the last year, Donald Trump has made global headlines to spend the most in internet marketing. In reality, statistics show he's spent almost $23 million on Facebook advertising, and $12 million on Google ads— a total of $35 million. He has also succeeded in raising some $165 million in support for the 2020 race, surpassing the other Democratic candidates for the same nomination.

Nonetheless, he now has a rival-billionaire Michael Bloomberg who entered the election race in November 2019 but managed to invest a total of $34.5 million on his digital ads within a short time span.

The billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer, who has spent around $23 million in his campaign, is on sixth. Pete Buttigieg has spent over $12 million in digital advertising while Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have managed to spend $10 million each on their internet marketing.

Ironically, the former US vice president, Joe Biden, focused more on traditional practices and spent only $5.4 million on digital ads between January 2019 and January 2020.

Digital Spending by Presidential Candidates 2020 #infographic

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