Coronavirus Death Toll Spikes Rapidly #Infographic

Coronavirus Death Toll Spikes Rapidly #Infographic

News from Coronavirus has rattled the entire world for several weeks. Published in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus is a serious respiratory disease with over 20,000 recorded cases worldwide. Indeed, the epidemic spread widely and surpasses the SARS outbreak of 2002–2003. The World Health Organization actually reported about 5,327 cases of SARS in China during the SARS epidemic. And the number of deaths from coronavirus is four times greater now.

According to the WHO, by the time the outbreak had stopped the death toll for SARS was officially 349. However, the coronavirus evidently is on' a roll,' and has taken 425 lives so far. Just Monday alone, China announced 57 new deaths.

Scientists and health experts worldwide are working to find a cure and a vaccine to stop the spread of the virus. But, as from this post, they had not seen any success. The epidemic is beginning to spread rapidly, unfortunately, and authorities expect the same harm to be much greater than SARS.

Coronavirus Death Toll Spikes Rapidly #Infographic

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