Baby Steps Towards Saving Time #infographic

Baby Steps Towards Saving Time #infographic

Time is time and you will be as successful as possible unlike others. Through globalisation the landscape is moving. The pace we work at is rising by seconds; you must plan your day before it begins to increase your productivity. Planning will save you money and help you keep on schedule instead of spending your time on things that are not significant. The first thing you will need to do is do the prioritised jobs, make a list of to-do's. Tasks that are relevant and urgent should be given priority.

How to save time at work: 

Start your day 1 hour earlier: 

At the meetings we spend 60 per cent of our time on emails; we switch activities every 3 minutes on average. Just three effective hours are available every day and it takes up to 25 minutes to get the focus back on that. The way to fix this starts 1 hour earlier in the day. 73 per cent of people say the morning hours are our best for innovation, that is, you can do 25 per cent more jobs by getting to work 1 hour early. While 63 percent say they feel more productive in the morning, the day begins with a to - do list and three top priorities. At least choose the job, with the most challenge to be.

Saving email time: 

The typical worker spends 13 hours replying to emails a week. Switch off updates, that way you can save 90 minutes of your day. An typical white-collar worker spends about 6 hours per day on emails; you should set aside 3-5 times to update emails but not more.

Do's of Productive Week, and don't:

  1. Build a weekly work schedule
  2.  Learn to say NO 
  3. Wear headphones for concentration 
  4. Attend only important meetings 
  5. Turn off notifications 
  6. Stack up and do similar tasks together

  1. Don't let anybody set his daily tasks
  2. Don't say yes to every job, and ask.
  3. Don't let the noise from office bother you
  4. Do not devote too much time to meetings
  5. Don't check your emails 30 + times a day
  6. Don't engage in multitasking
The first thing you need to do is know will task's significance and urgency; you will still work with your squad. Delegating duties right away will make you and your teammates more effective. Identify your Teammate power. Note that the goals must dictate how much time you spend on every job, and you can control the time and realize the efficiency you are doing. Find the do's, and the don'ts, and work the day straight. Everyday scheduling will help save time and encourage you to finish the tasks on time without losing any of your days.
Baby Steps Towards Saving Time #infographic

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