50 Common Misconceptions Debunked #infographic

50 Common Misconceptions Debunked #infographic

Misconceptions enter our minds, and problems such as word of mouth and social media quickly spread. While the internet is great to help us discover the truth, it can also be dangerous because lies are easier to spread than ever before.

In this infographic you will find out about 50 common misconceptions and what the truths are, as they cover topics such as history, food, technology, animals, astronomy, crime, math and religion. For example, a common myth is that fortune cookies are a tradition of China, when in reality Japanese-Americans invented them.

And did you know peanuts aren't really nuts? Instead, in fact, they belong to the legumes family, along with beans peas. The more well you know! So take this infographic and not only use it to impress your friends and family, but also to learn some interesting facts about yourself! What was the most surprising fact for you about a common misconception on this infographic?

50 Common Misconceptions Debunked #infographic

infographic by: www.titlemax.com

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