Technology That Improves Mobile Gaming #infographic

Technology That Improves Mobile Gaming #infographic

Artificial Intelligence is a key tool in improving games development. In Greg Brockman's words, Open AI co-founder, "If it takes a person between 12,00 and 20,000 hours of practice to master certain skills, then the bots burn through' 100 human lifetimes of experience every day.'"

 As machine learning becomes more effective, games can begin to feature more open worlds, graphics, challenges, and levels generated by AI. Highlights of Pac-Man and Sid Meier's new computer game intelligence can be seen in Civilization VI.

In comparison, Augmented Reality (AR) plays an important part in mobile gaming. De facto, mobile gaming was among the first to bring AR to the general public. Today, 53 per cent of American gamers play mobile games with AR technology. That includes Pokemon Go, which generated revenue of more than $1.9 billion.

Continue reading below to find out which technology is behind mobile gaming operations.

Technology That Improves Mobile Gaming #infographic

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