Shifting Energy Dependence Away from Oil #infographic

Shifting Energy Dependence Away from Oil #infographic

Oil supply has proved to be a bone of contention among many countries and therefore a cause for chaos in the world. So it was about time we stopped scoring globally in the name of oil and posed a threat to oil-rich nations. In the end, this is the solution. Renewable energy sources have long been on the market and now, along with the introduction of more alternatives, they are to become popular through a significant cost reduction.

Iran and Iraq have been in constant war with the US, owing to its rich oil reserves. The crises of the seventies through the eighties showed America's dependence on oil supplies in the Middle East.  Not only did those wars lead to unpaced conditions there, but they also contributed to inflation of the world oil price. Every time the US-Middle East conflict escalated, oil prices rose, resulting in innovative steps including the introduction of smaller, fuel-friendly vehicles.

Many countries, including the United States, have sought ways to move to renewable sources because fossil fuels are to run out, their prices are rising, and their negative impact on the environment. The use of lithium batteries has increased, but other non-renewable forms of energy are now to take the world by storm. This involves the development of batteries made of different minerals, mainly Cobalt, Lithium, Graphite, and Nickel.

All of these measures would reduce dependence on oil and its related products for the consumer and the company.The batteries, made at lower costs, would be affordable to customers and will not only reduce fuel consumption but also reverse to the maximum extent possible the harmful environmental effects of the oil.

Shifting Energy Dependence Away from Oil #infographic

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