New survey ranks the hardest contactor jobs #infographic

New survey ranks the hardest contactor jobs #infographic

With DIY and Home Improvement TV's increasing popularity, more and more people are trying their hand to repair and remodel their own home. What these popular television shows don't show is just how physically demanding some of those repair jobs are. Not to mention, both are incredibly difficult to perform and practice. Yes, a lot of Americans forget how hard this task is for most modern contract jobs.

CraftJack wanted to help the average American understand the challenges of today's modern contracting jobs, in terms of both physical and mental demands. More than 2,000 Americans (1,609 contractors and 652 consumers) have recently been criticized for doing so. The goal here was to get input from both contractors and American customers in order to see how their opinions varied over the difficulties of the contractor in operating. Let's take a deeper dive into the results from the toughest study of CraftJack contract jobs.

The research examined which commercial workers required the most energy, stamina and technical skills. The study's first segment asked both clients and contactors what are the most physically demanding jobs. Surprisingly enough, there was consensus from both customers and contractors about the top two most physically demanding jobs. We both said that the most physically demanding commercial jobs were the roofing workers, closely followed by demolition work. Contactors said carpentry was physically the third most demanding job, while clients struggled to have carpentry in their top ten.

The most difficult industrial works in America included drywall & insulation, home cleaning, masonry, electrical, building, landscaping trees & shrubs, walls, floors, cabinets and countertops, heating, carpet cleaning, painting and straining, and garbage removal. It was drywall and insulation, construction, landscaping trees and shrubs, maçonnery, junk removal, stone & tile, carpentry, floors, electrical work, plumbing and swimming pools that rounded out the top three most physically demanding market trade jobs.As you can see, there is quite a bit of difference when you look at the lists from both buyers and contractors. While they decided on the most physically demanding jobs at the top of the list, no agreement was reached later.

Physical demands are just a part of the job. Most jobs also require a great deal of mental focus and discipline as well as years of training and job training. Because of this the second part of the survey focused on asking both customers and contractors which commercial jobs were the most difficult to master. Agreement again existed between consumers and contractors. We agreed that electrical work, carpentry, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) were the three most difficult trade jobs to learn and master. Finally, the trade jobs that were the hardest to learn after the top three were in dispute between contactors and customers.

According to the contactors, the most difficult commercial jobs to handle were the electrical, carpentry, HVAC, cabinets & countertops, masonry, plumbing, drywall & insulation, painting, flooring, stone & tile, floors, carpet cleaning and excavation. Consumers settled on top three contactor options but had disagreed otherwise. Next, cabinets and countertops were listed, followed by plumbing, masonry, drywall and isolation.

The last portion of the survey was directed exclusively to contractors. Contractors were asked several questions about their specific job. Questions asked about both physical demands and how long it took them to learn their trade. One thing most contractors focused on was that they didn't find electrical work, carpet cleaning or painting jobs to be physically demanding unless they were of course highly qualified in that field. Painters have personally said their work is more physically demanding than any other contractor! Flooring contractors said their jobs had been the hardest to understand of all the trades.

Listed below are the breakdowns of contractors who identified their own specialty as the most challenging as well as the breakdown of contractors who identified their own specialty as the hardest to master.

Many contractors who physically demand jobs* Contractors who named their own specialty as the most demanding:

  1. Painting & staining (61%) 
  2. Carpentry (54%) 
  3. Electrical work (54%)
  4. Carpet cleaning (49%)
  5. Cabinets & countertops (45%)
  6. Cleaning (44%)
  7. Flooring (43%)
  8. Windows & doorways (43%) 
  9. HVAC (40%)
  10. Landscaping, trees, shrubs (36%)

More difficult job to mater* contractors who have listed their own specialty as the hardest:

  1. Ooring (36%)
  2.  Cleaning (30%) 
  3. Carpentry (27%) 
  4. Carpet cleaning (21%) 
  5. Landscaping, trees, shrubs (20%)
  6. Painting & staining (20%) 
  7. Cabinets & countertops (18%)
  8. Windows & doorways (17%)
  9. Drywall & insulating (16%)
  10. Electric (16%)
The complete overview and analysis of the most difficult contracting work by CraftJack can also be seen in the graphics below.
New survey ranks the hardest contactor jobs #infographic

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