Super Bamboo Plants #infographic

Super Bamboo Plants #infographic

Bamboo is a popular plant, as it can be used as a house plant; it is environmentally friendly and fantastic building material. Adding a'' lucky bamboo'' to our interior helps to give a modern look.
 Bamboo is widely used around the world because it is good for the environment; it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases more than 30% more oxygen than equivalent industrial plants into the atmosphere. One reason people like bamboo is that it grows 80 per cent faster than hardwoods.

Some species of bamboo are clocked to grow more than 3 ' (90 cm) in height a day that is impressive over 1.5'' (3.8 cm) per hour. No other plant on earth can grow this much more quickly than bamboo.
 Bamboo is said to be stronger than steel because the tensile strength of bamboo is one of the most interesting mother nature phenomenons, the tensile strength of steel is 24,000 psi and the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 pounds per square inch.
 Some of the general uses of bamboo are that from picture frames to room dividing screens we can decorate it, bamboo can make many beautiful and exotic home decorations.

Bamboo is used for construction materials such as rising furniture and flooring. Nowadays only homes are being built with bamboo. Bamboo is known as a building material by people because people like the bamboo look.

 Bamboo, which is popular today, is also used in garments and fabrics. Bedding is made of bamboo fibres, finer or thicker than most bedding made of cotton.
 Bamboo cooking is common throughout the world; the Asian culture is nothing special. Bamboo shoots are a common food in that part of the world, and have also spread to cooking utensils.

Super Bamboo Plants #infographic

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