How to Find Out if Someone's Lying to You? #infographic

How to Find Out if Someone's Lying to You? #infographic

It is easy to discern whether a person is lying or telling the truth. Most of our communication is performed by non-verbal components, including body language and tone of voice.  There are few steps through which we can detect a lie.
 Look for hand gestures when the hands are clenched in the pockets, palm displays and the fists. We'll get to know whether the person is lying or telling the truth in these three hand gestures.  The movements of the eye vary from right eye to left eye. The right eye advises you to think mentally about something that happened, to think about something that they learned, and to talk with them.

The middle one notes that deliberate eye contact is an indicator of a liar attempting to be truthful, straight-ahead with a mask is an indicator of thinking about something that obviously has happened. The left eye shows us building a lie psychologically, building a lie emotionally, and thinking about something they were doing.

Looking at the movements to the face shows that a person who lies is more likely to cover his or her mouth with his or her hand, or to place the sides near the mouth, almost as if to hide the lies that come out.  People also tend to brush their nose when they lie, much more than tell the truth. It is caused by a rush of adrenaline towards the capillaries in the ear that causes itchy nose.

Listening to vocal signs includes quavering speech while speaking at a higher pitch, going on the offensive, speaking faster or slower, deflecting questions, using intimidation tactics, repeating words, stammering, exaggerating details and showing too many features.  Basically, a person's body language can be determined by the few signs it lies. Sweating, shivering, blushing, swallowing trouble, gulping, nodding in opposition, clearing one's throat and leaning away are other symptoms.

How to Find Out if Someone's Lying to You? #infographic

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