Anfrightening Look at Bushfires-around the World #Infographic

Anxious Look at Bushfires around the #Infographic Planet

The recent California wildfires and the Amazon jungle have made us all stand together in unity and pray for innocent victims in the region. So, in contrast with the recent blazes that have destroyed a good portion of Australia, those fires have affected a relatively smaller piece of land.

As of this writing, almost 12 million acres of Australian land have been burned from the fire that started in the last months of 2019. Authorities also report that about half a billion animals were killed in the disaster, thus losing many lives and homes.

According to The NewYork Times, the bushfires grew more severe amid the heatwave and draught conditions in Australia. Sadly the fires are likely to intensify further as the weather in the continent gets warmer. Experts are also predicting that fires will become more frequent and severe around the world in conjunction with climate change.

The firefighters managed to put the California fires out while at least the Amazon blazes were that. Fires also engulfed more than 6 million acres of land in remote areas of northern Russia, but the majority of the area was scarcely populated–so no causalities were reported.

Anxious Look at Bushfires around the #Infographic Planet

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