Making an Impact #Infographic

Making an Impact #Infographic

It's hard to prove marketing is a sales source. It's where multi-touch attribution comes in, and multi-touch attribution provides the knowledge that we need to quantify what really counts so that we can show the marketing effect on our firm's bottom line.

Marketing also measures metrics which are not a tool for the sales team. It also monitors consumer behaviour, such as trips, clicks, opens and conversations. Focusing on marketing results rather than company outcomes won't win a spot at the revenue table. When marketing teams struggle to quantify marketing performance outcomes as they might be, the company sees them as cost centers rather than a revenue center.

The reason is given by the estimates that 53.1 percent of marketing teams say they are seen as centers of expense rather than centers of revenue. For marketing ROI, 44 per cent of advertisers are uncertain. Only 15% of marketers claim they are successful in evaluating marketing performance; only 50% of marketers say they have aligned their targets with larger business goals.

Sophisticated marketing attribution is to control marketing budgets resulting in increased success of the company and team cohesion. Statistics show that 212% of sales-investing marketing companies are 212% or more likely to grow YOY revenue faster than 20%. 159 per cent of marketing firms perceived as income hubs are more likely to meet revenues. 334 per cent of marketing firms are more likely to use sophisticated identification based on their revenue of 334 per cent. 59 per cent of specific comparison marketing companies are 59 per cent more likely to have a reputation as a selling center rather than a cost center.

The advantages of multi-touch attribution are it provides marketers with details and offers a variety of marketing activities different weights of sales credit. If a company does any advertisements that are aimed at people already in the sales funnel, then they should start using a full-route model.  Multi-touch will most reliably attribute revenue across all marketing channels and offer credit where its due.

Making an Impact #Infographic

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