Water Conservation in the Home #infographic

Water Conservation in the Home #infographic

Conservation of water is a hot topic for a couple of distinct reasons, mainly environmental and economic. Although water conservation can be a domestic issue, there are tiny ways you can make a difference across the Southern Vancouver Island region at local level. When making small changes in your home to conserve water, you can help reduce water usage, which also saves money on your water bill! Give our plumbers a try at home with those 6 tips.

Covering your pool while you don't use it helps reduce the evaporation and maintain the water temperature. You will reduce the need for replacement water by more than 50 per cent by investing in a proper pool cover! If you have a bath of chlorine, the heating and chemical costs will be reduced too.

Whether you are brushing your teeth, washing your hands, making meals or rinsing vegetables, make sure you shut off your tap while not using it actively. It sounds like the slightest change, but you can save much water!Have you found a small leak or spill in your pipe or faucet? It may seem like a bit of a trickle, but if these leaks are left unchecked, they could waste huge amounts of water every year. The best thing to do is fix the leaks as soon as you find them (this also helps to reduce home water exposure!).

Water Conservation in the Home #infographic

infographic by: www.theclearchoiceplumbing.com

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