Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors #infographic

Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors #infographic

The Factors of the Local Search Ranking are a biannual analysis of renowned online marketers. Participants were asked, "What do you think each of the following thematic clusters contributes to rankings across types of Google results?" The starting point for any business is to ensure full ownership and optimization of your Google My Business listings.

Particular care must be taken to ensure the name, address, and telephone number are correct and used in all other web reference sources and directories. This helps establish a line in Google's image of being who you say you are and where you say you're based.

The quantity and quality of the links to your website are next. Practically Google treats these as votes. The more websites Google already trusts to connect to your site, the more assured Google will be about the authenticity and confidentiality of the data on your site's websites.

Links to websites are important components of your own market niche and geographic region and should be pursued where possible. As example, this may include the local chamber of commerce coming to your shop, a directory of local stores and facilities, other local businesses and media outlets, blogs, magazines and newspapers.

Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors #infographic

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