LinkedIn for Small Business: Everything you need to know #infographic

LinkedIn for Small Business: Everything you need to know #infographic

LinkedIn is a resourceful platform for business and company networking to build relationships with potential customers, current customers or other partners. The app is especially useful to small business owners, freelancers, home business owners, and telecommuters by helping them build their company and career, and remain connected to the rest of the world.

LinkedIn is a social platform designed to bring together experts in technological and corporate matters. The platform is truly an excellent place for more than 575 million people using LinkedIn to grow their careers and companies. LinkedIn allows you to build strategic partnerships, and not just add people to your friend list randomly. It's about the connection value you're creating here, not the number, so once you hit 500, LinkedIn stops showing the exact number of connections.

As a platform, LinkedIn is quite different from other social media platforms but learning how to use it is no more complicated than learning how to use any other social media platform. The first move here too is to create a LinkedIn profile. But, LinkedIn is completely different from any other social media platform when it comes to networking. This is not the place to post videos from the cat, or a snapshot of what you've eaten for lunch (unless you're a chef at home). LinkedIn is a professional space, and it is all about the professions and business of the site.

LinkedIn for Small Business: Everything you need to know #infographic

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