A Warm Up Routine for Singers #Infographic

 A Warm Up Routine for Singers #Infographic

Singing is ability just like any other performing art. And just as dancers or guitar players need to keep practicing their skills, singers need to make sure they keep their singing muscles in shape, so warming up your voice is a big part of the entire routine that singers need to keep up with in order to sound best.

As the muscles in our throat and mouth are under a lot of stress, it's crucial to make sure they don't wear out. Just as before a workout, bodybuilders and sportsmen warm up their bodies, singers need to make sure they warm up their voices before they try hard notes or a long session of vocal exercises.

Different singers have different ways to warm their voices and, depending on your own voice, some personalized voice exercises may be given to the practice. For most, however, a general series of warm-up exercises would work just fine.

The seven warm-up exercises in this infographic are a good start and cover all the basic muscles that a singer needs to stretch each one before a long day of singing, or just keep in action.

 A Warm Up Routine for Singers #Infographic

infographic by: www.musicademy.com

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