15 Must Try Yoga Poses for Healthy Living #infographic

15 Must Try Yoga Poses for Healthy Living #infographic

Even though I have practiced yoga for nearly three decades, I still find myself drawn back to the "easy" poses over and over again. I have performed with more complex postures, but with the slightest risk, it seems that start-friendly, simple postures and methods offer the greatest long-term benefits.

 We can activate and lubricate our joints without superhuman strength or agility, improve our posture and balance, promote digestion, increase energy, soothe the nervous system and produce mental focus and clarity in any age or stage of life.

A soft twist is the yoga equivalent of hitting the reset button on our postural activities, releasing patterns of myofascial stress around the torso and encouraging intervertebral disks between the bones of the spine to plump up by immersing fluid from neighboring tissues. Twists can also improve our abdominal organs, enhancing our digestion and therefore our vitality.

15 Must Try Yoga Poses for Healthy Living #infographic

infographic by: www.infographicdesignteam.com

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