42 Quotes from Successful Marijuana Users #infographic

42 Quotes from Successful Marijuana Users #infographic

"It's good to watch it get accepted, you've been ok all the time..." Willie Nelson got cannabis wrong. Some cannabis types are legal in 47 countries (either medical marijuana or CBD oil) which is quite different from when Nelson started campaigning. Nevertheless, Nelson is certainly not alone with some of the world's most influential people, from celebrities to politicians and billionaires who accept or advocate legalization of marijuana.

The "herb" has helped renowned people cope with the prevalent health problems, from fibromyalgia to asthma and cramps. For starters, it was used for centuries by actress Whoopi Goldberg to help with cramps. On the other side it was used as an influence by artists such as Paul McCartney.

 Many companies, such as Bill Gates, have not made public use of cannabis but have invested in developing the fresh legal weed market. These are some of the best government officials who have admitted using the "devil's chalk."

42 Quotes from Successful Marijuana Users #infographic

infographic by: www.bottlestore.com

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