The Wealthiest Historical Figures in Today's Dollars #infographic

The Wealthiest Historical Figures in Today's Dollars #infographic

Who was the richest individual ever? It's hard to tell, but here are some of the finest estimates based on estimates from historians, adjusted to today's dollars. Historically, these richest people have more cash than even Bill Gates can dream of, from emperors to moguls to modest merchants. There are people like Mansa Musa I, whose wealth his contemporaries couldn't imagine throwing gold in crowds.

Then there are lesser-known individuals like Jakob Fugger whose fortune from textile trading would be around $500 billion in today's dollars. See how contemporary wealthy people compete with Jeff Bezos, whose truly exceptional wealth is a fraction of that of Augustus Caesar, who owned about 30 percent of the world's economy. Then there are the ones with purely speculative capital.

For starters, there's King Solomon who allegedly took 25 tons of gold from the individuals ever year, and might have been worth as much as $2 trillion. Those wealths, by comparison, are enough to make anyone feel like a farmer! Check out the rest of those super-wealthy historical figures on this infographic produced by TitleMax.

The Wealthiest Historical Figures in Today's Dollars #infographic


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