To get on the Internet WordPress continues #infographic

To get on the Internet WordPress continues #infographic

More than two years ago, we published an infographic on the incredible development of WordPress. The tech industry's history, as you understand, is two years ago. We chose the time to revisit the subject. Over the two years, a lot has changed.  WordPress's hegemony isn't there.

WordPress is continuing the best-known content management system (CMS) of the Internet to date. The domination of the WordPress market remains unchanged and unchallenged, even though the Internet has expanded (compare) around the web. It is more popular than ever with more than 60 percent of the market share for CMS.

Even conservative estimates are close to 64 million for the number of websites which operate WordPress. That's almost 34 per cent of all websites on the internet. At the moment, the greatest battle on the web is not other CMS pages, but CMS sites.

And that distance is drawing to a close. Over the last five years, WordPress ' market share has risen by a whopping 38 per cent. There's no sign of this development slowing either. WordPress users publish about 42 million new posts a month, leaving 60.5 million comments.

To get on the Internet WordPress continues #infographic

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