Basic Universal Income #infographic

 Basic Universal Income #infographic
In a 2018 survey, nearly half of Americans supported the notion of a Universal Basic Income program— where did this idea come from and what would it mean for the culture of today? The notion of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) has existed for millennia. Back in 1516, "Utopia" by Thomas More philosophizes about the advantages of a minimum revenue.

In 1796 Thomas Paine wrote for all adults over the age of 21 a basic endowment, and in 1967 Martin Luther King Jr. called guaranteed income the ultimate solution to poverty. Today, many are calling for UBI: automation, with the new rising threat of a new industrial revolution. But in order to make this concept work, some essential precepts must be met.

Instead of vouchers for products or services, aid should be given in real money and there should be no need for income or employment. Learn how UBI is being tested by nations and towns and how our society would be affected

 Basic Universal Income #infographic

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