Steve Jobs's Journey #infographic

Steve Jobs's Journey #infographic

The dream of a machine for the rest of us by Steve Jobs contributed to the PC revolution, rendering Apple an American corporate symbol. But somewhere, others say by his ego, Jobs ' dream was clouded and removed from the organization he helped create.

Few argue that Jobs has effectively slowed Apple's growth, but without it the company has lost its sense of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. After almost 10 years of falling sales, Apple turned to its visionary founders to provide help, and one of the most amazing turnarounds in the 20th century was a slightly older and wiser job.

Steve Jobs, adopted son of a Mountain View, California, machinist, showed early interest in computing and gadgetry. Hewlett-Packard co-founded Chairman William Hewlett openly referenced pieces for a school project during his time in high school.

Not only had Hewlett been impressed with the Jobs pieces but he also offered him a summer internship in Hewlett-Packard. Jobs met and made friends with a tinkering propensity on the part of Steve Wozniak, a young engineer of five years.

Steve Jobs's Journey #infographic

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