Wi-Fi's history and future #infographic

Wi-Fi's history and future #infographic
Although the Internet we know today was only around in the 1990s, researchers and inventors around the world were theorizing about a digital, instantly linked service scheme. Today we are predicting a worldwide future of 20 billion IoT devices, 2.6 times greater than now.

The theoretical ideas articulated by minds like Paul Otlet and Nikola Tesla made it possible to test real-life apps. From the 1970s to the 1980s, localized versions of wireless connections such as ALOHAnet and AT&T's WaveLAN were used. Rapid development started in the 1990s when Carnegie Mellon's first large-scale cable network was installed, and in 1999 the term Wi-Fi itself was labeled as Wi-Fi.

 There's nothing new under the sun–the eight billion WiFi-connected devices on Earth have a long story to tell. See this infographic for more data on the history and future of WiFi.

Wi-Fi's history and future #infographic

infographic by: www.netgear.com

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