Barista's Latte Art Guide #infographic

Barista's Latte Art Guide #infographic

In all of history there has never been a better moment to appreciate the art of arranging the smooth espresso with delicate frothed milk. Latte art has flourished around the world since its creation some 30 years ago. Previously coffee was never the same.

The manner in which milk-based masterpieces are created relies entirely upon the transfiguration of microfoam milk. Heating the milk at high temperatures quickly makes it a smoother, fluffier material that can easily be sculpted into invaluable works of art. The chemical structure of milk is also altered, breaking down sugars and making a sweeter beverage.

Latte art is not a curiosity about coffee; it is a tough sport that has its own world championship. Last year the World Latte Art Championship was held in South Korea with participants coming from 36 nations. In the host nation, Overall, Um Paul was triumphant, but not without intense competition.

Express Vending coffee delights in everything, and coffee is perfect for good reason. The fusion of art and coffee is nothing short of pompous. Latte art has a special place in our hearts. We researched the late art universe to give you enough inspiration to roll the ball around.

Barista's Latte Art Guide #infographic

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