Personal trainer certification options #infographic

 Personal trainer certification options #infographic

This infographic demonstrates the best private training certification choices. A cost-based comparison, recertification cost, certification popularity, exam difficulty, ongoing education, and more. If you're just starting out as a personal trainer, choosing the right certification is very important. This may influence the earning potential of your overall trainer.

 Most of these certifications are valid for two years and are still authorized for approximately 20 hours of continuing education. The prerequisite for all of these private training certifications is to be 18 years of age, have a high college diploma and hold a CPR / AED certificate from a lawful certifying body such as the American Heart Association or Red Cross.

The most important aspect of a legal accreditation of personal training is that they are accredited nationally by either the NCCA or the DEAC. If one of these two accreditations does not hold the certificate of personal training you are examining, it is not a legitimate organization.

 Personal trainer certification options #infographic

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