The Haunted Mansion of Disney #infographic

The Haunted Mansion of Disney #infographic

October's month implies lurking around the ghouls and goblins corner. However, you don't have to wait until Halloween in Anaheim, Orlando and sections of Europe and Asia for grim grinning ghosts to come out to socialize.

The Haunted Mansion is an iconic attraction with places at each of the six places in Disney, with 999 happy haunts willing to welcome another. While the ride itself is loved by all those taking a seat in the doombuggies, the rumors surrounding the buildings have long been known to scare park attendants and staff.

With Halloween approaching quickly, Costume SuperCenter decided to look at some of Disney's own haunted house's more interesting facts and myths. This infographic involves all you need to understand about the Mansion, from the truly strange to the truly true, and those who might occupy it.

Spooks come out for a singing wake when crypt doors crumble and tombstones quake... And that you can do! After checking out the range of horror costumes and Disney accessories at Costume SuperCenter, you are sure to fit in with Madame Leota and Master Gracey.

The Haunted Mansion of Disney #infographic

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