What If You Stop Smoking (BENEFITS) #infographic

What If You Stop Smoking (BENEFITS) #infographic

I'm not planning to use tactics of fear because it doesn't work. If they did, it would have worked a long time ago. I believe you're here because you're planning to leave (or at least planning to leave).

If you're worried about how much damage you've already done to your body, all I can say is to keep away your worries and just keep reading— you'll feel much better at the end.

I'm going to show you a timeline on how your body heals wondrously and share with you all the health benefits you'll get from your quit day. I'm sure you already comprehend a couple.

You can also expect a richer life; not just in terms of finance (in fact, finance is, in my perspective, the least important benefit you're about to experience), but a whole range of riches that involves your psychological well-being and how you look at yourself as well.

What If You Stop Smoking (BENEFITS) #infographic

infograpihc by:quitwithnerd.com

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