The journey of Steve Jobs #infographic

The journey of Steve Jobs #infographic

The vision of a laptop for the remainder of us by Steve Jobs resulted to the PC revolution, making Apple an American corporate icon. But somewhere, some say by his ego, Jobs ' vision was clouded and expelled from the business he helped find.

Few disagree that Jobs effectively hampered the growth of Apple, but without it the company lost its sense of direction and its pioneering spirit. After almost 10 years of dropping revenues, Apple turned to its visionary founders to provide assistance, and one of the most amazing turnarounds in the 20th century was a slightly older and wiser work.

Early interest in electronics and gadgetry was shown by the adoptive son of a Mountain View, California, machinist Steve Jobs. Hewlett-Packard co-founded President William Hewlett boldly appealed for components for a school project during his moment at high school.

Hewlett was not only impressed with the Jobs components, but also gave him a Hewlett-Packard summer internship. Jobs met and made friends with Steve Wozniak, a five-year-old young engineer, a tinkering tendency.

The journey of Steve Jobs #infographic

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